Monday, July 08, 2013


Below is an open email sent to Post Loop, a pay-per-post website which is, in my opinion, ripping writers off. 

Post Loop is clearly ripping writers off by getting them to do 20 posts for free... even though you say you only want 10 posts for quality review, which is a rip off in the first place as you only need 2 posts to determine quality.

I got your scam figured out.

1. After the applicant has subscribed and written 10 posts, you lie and tell them they have not subscribed and cannot get credit for the 10 posts they've already written.

2. You tell them to subscribe again and write 10 more posts.

3. The end result is you've gotten 20 posts for free and the writer has nothing to show for that work. Which, by the way, is iffy on your part as I observed bad sentence structure, misspellings and poor puntcuation throughout your forums.

No writer of any talent would want to be associated with hustlers like Post Loop. I will be reporting your SCAM along with a copy of this email in the proper places including the website which recommended you and also on my three blogs.    sweetkali

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