Thursday, November 20, 2008


I live in the most wonderful neighborhood in Southern California. Everywhere one looks are beautiful plantings, brightly-colored flowers, charming bungalows and cottages and majestic mini-mansions. I can walk to the downtown area and visit coffeehouses, cafes, restaurants and three large shopping complexes. I am never bored living here.

I have a choice of more than a couple of movie theatres and can visit my local post office, supermarkets, fire station, bookstores, farmers' market, libraries and more within a few blocks. Yet, after strolling six blocks, I'm back in my residential area, which is peaceful and quiet and great for powerwalking or running. Crime is practically non-existent and there's plenty of street parking. Best of all, there are plenty of seniors living comfortably in my area and they walk safely at all times of the day or night. I consider it an honor to escort an elderly neighbor across one of my streets.

Also, the beau-monde hipsters are all crowded into Venice, Santa Monica and West Hollywood and haven't discovered this little bit of heaven as of yet. No traffic, no noise and no hipper-than-thou types.

I arrived here by accident, having jumped into a darling circa 1930's restored red-tiled complex of only six units. My place is up high with plenty of windows; like an ivory tower with complete privacy 360 degrees around. From the inside, in the front, I have a breathtaking view of hillside looks like Como, Italy on sunny days, with the sunlight sparkling on palm trees lining on my street. From my front door, I look across my mini-porch through a charming archway with a blue topped folly on my neighbor's roof. Absolutely charming.

The photo above of my living room reflects the beauty on the interior which surrounds me on the outside. The painting above the fireplace behind te reclining buddah is one of my works and it is bracketed by dakini,(wooden Thai angel statuettes. The birght blue canvase with the buddah statue in front of it is a small painting I found in a thrift store of red tulips. Behind the bouquet is a large painting of BB King by an outsider artist. I wanted to share it with you. I am very lucky, indeed.


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