Tuesday, March 08, 2005


A local architecture school in downtown Los Angeles exhibited pink clothing in its windows one summer. Why? Who knows..it may have been done in the name of art, fashion or even architecture!

Perhaps the exhibit was entitled 'The Architecture of Clothing.' It certainly would have been appropriate.

I should have entered the school to actually visit the exhibit, but I found the exterior view much more interesting; it included clear light and limpid reflections which served to enhance the experience for me.

Peering in from the outside gave me a feeling of elation and being rather undercover;similar to having a 'private' viewing of a special invitation-only exhibit in a posh gallery.

Yep, I felt a bit special, peering at the clothing through the window; thereby allowing me to bring my own personal viewpoint and consciousness towards what the exhibit was imparting to its viewers and why it was conceived.

And, what did I discover? Well, the architectually significant buildings usually possess good bones, and I've realized that even clothing can also have the same strong sightlines as well...the simpler the fabric and style, the better.

There's a purity and beauty with simply hanging a classic piece of clothing on a wall and...just...looking.


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