Monday, July 08, 2013


Below is an open email sent to Post Loop, a pay-per-post website which is, in my opinion, ripping writers off. 

Post Loop is clearly ripping writers off by getting them to do 20 posts for free... even though you say you only want 10 posts for quality review, which is a rip off in the first place as you only need 2 posts to determine quality.

I got your scam figured out.

1. After the applicant has subscribed and written 10 posts, you lie and tell them they have not subscribed and cannot get credit for the 10 posts they've already written.

2. You tell them to subscribe again and write 10 more posts.

3. The end result is you've gotten 20 posts for free and the writer has nothing to show for that work. Which, by the way, is iffy on your part as I observed bad sentence structure, misspellings and poor puntcuation throughout your forums.

No writer of any talent would want to be associated with hustlers like Post Loop. I will be reporting your SCAM along with a copy of this email in the proper places including the website which recommended you and also on my three blogs.    sweetkali

Thursday, November 20, 2008


I live in the most wonderful neighborhood in Southern California. Everywhere one looks are beautiful plantings, brightly-colored flowers, charming bungalows and cottages and majestic mini-mansions. I can walk to the downtown area and visit coffeehouses, cafes, restaurants and three large shopping complexes. I am never bored living here.

I have a choice of more than a couple of movie theatres and can visit my local post office, supermarkets, fire station, bookstores, farmers' market, libraries and more within a few blocks. Yet, after strolling six blocks, I'm back in my residential area, which is peaceful and quiet and great for powerwalking or running. Crime is practically non-existent and there's plenty of street parking. Best of all, there are plenty of seniors living comfortably in my area and they walk safely at all times of the day or night. I consider it an honor to escort an elderly neighbor across one of my streets.

Also, the beau-monde hipsters are all crowded into Venice, Santa Monica and West Hollywood and haven't discovered this little bit of heaven as of yet. No traffic, no noise and no hipper-than-thou types.

I arrived here by accident, having jumped into a darling circa 1930's restored red-tiled complex of only six units. My place is up high with plenty of windows; like an ivory tower with complete privacy 360 degrees around. From the inside, in the front, I have a breathtaking view of hillside looks like Como, Italy on sunny days, with the sunlight sparkling on palm trees lining on my street. From my front door, I look across my mini-porch through a charming archway with a blue topped folly on my neighbor's roof. Absolutely charming.

The photo above of my living room reflects the beauty on the interior which surrounds me on the outside. The painting above the fireplace behind te reclining buddah is one of my works and it is bracketed by dakini,(wooden Thai angel statuettes. The birght blue canvase with the buddah statue in front of it is a small painting I found in a thrift store of red tulips. Behind the bouquet is a large painting of BB King by an outsider artist. I wanted to share it with you. I am very lucky, indeed.

Sunday, August 14, 2005


I recently took a day trip to Monrovia, California just to
visit the historic Aztec Hotel.

I met interesting residents and also discovered quirky murals and birds!

I write of birds, because the hotel lobby sports 3 or 4 cages of live birds, who are quite active when company is around. They all sport distinct personalities; one of the cockatoos will scream and cry if a visitor strolls away from the cage; and only settles down once she returns. What a sweetheart.

The birds' cages are kept in a darkened part of the Lobby however, and I wondered if the caged birds are being exposed to any sunlight and fresh air on a regular basis.

I write of birds, because the Aztec Ladies Room, located right off the Main Lobby, sported a mural of white birds. In a rather offbeat, but oddly fitting tribute, the hotel's owner was also memoralized amongst the birds, dressed in a romantic white toga. While chatting with Harold, one of the Aztec Hotel's residents, he told me that the husband of the owner is also painted on the walls of the men's room.

Restored and contemporary murals of Aztecian kitsch adorn the walls and hallways of the Hotel and do much to emphasize the themetic decor. Harold guided me to the Aztec Hotel's enormous patio, which was shabbily decorated with aging garden furniture. He pointed out the youthful artist of the Ladies Room and Meeting Room murals who was relaxing at a table with friends.

Although the patio is also undergoing restoration,
in the far corner there is a beautiful fountain
with painted images and live plantings and Aztechian flagstones adorned the patio floor.

The Aztec Hotel building also hosts a barbershop
and a bar. There's a craft shop in the building
with a separate entrance from the outside. In the past, that particular space used to belong to
the Aztec Coffee Shop.

Today, the only evidence of the Coffee Shop is a vintage stained
glass sign and a painted mural design pointing to the 'Toltec Coffee Shop'.

I spent the remainder of my visit to the Aztec Hotel tootling around taking photos, cracking jokes with the desk clerk John and the barber in the barbershop, who sports a stupendous white handlebar mustache and sticking my nose and camera into places where it doesn't belong.

If you are in the Southern California area, stop on by the Aztec Hotel, which is located at 311 West Foothill Blvd. in Monrovia, California.

Here's some more images from my trip to the Hotel below. I hope you enjoy them.

An Aztecian frieze of wood points the way to the Men's Room.

A peaceful scene in the Main Lobby.

A beautiful detail from a mural in the Meeting Room.

Kitzchy Aztecian paintings adorn a skylight.

An Aztecian mural and stained glass decorate a stairway.

A luscious red banquette resides in the Aztec Hotel Bar.

An ancient cubbyhole system is still being utilized for the residents' mail.

The Ladies Room off the Main Lobby area is ablaze with mirrors and light; each circa1930's era mirror is crowned with a flower garland.

Friday, March 18, 2005


The exterior of the downtown Los Angeles Central Library can, at times, resemble a human still life, or tableau.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


This beautiful face belongs to 72 year old Patsy Johnson, former fashion model and the proprietor of P.J. Choir Robes, Inc. in Los Angeles, California.

She is the proud grandmother of Jenelle, Walter Marcus Jr. and little grandbaby Symphony Elizabeth!

The stylish Patsy is a strong and positive force in the Leimert Park community of Los Angeles, with the management of her popular choir robe business and her activities in the Church.

I really wanted to share her lovely smile with you because Ms.Johnson is a wonderful person with a pure heart and I loved photographing her. She's also a Photo Friday candidate too, under my name SweetKali.

Sunday, March 13, 2005


Originally uploaded by Sweetkali. a Hollywood, California thrift shop. A beautiful example of the Asian design theory of "wabi-sabi".

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


A local architecture school in downtown Los Angeles exhibited pink clothing in its windows one summer. Why? Who may have been done in the name of art, fashion or even architecture!

Perhaps the exhibit was entitled 'The Architecture of Clothing.' It certainly would have been appropriate.

I should have entered the school to actually visit the exhibit, but I found the exterior view much more interesting; it included clear light and limpid reflections which served to enhance the experience for me.

Peering in from the outside gave me a feeling of elation and being rather undercover;similar to having a 'private' viewing of a special invitation-only exhibit in a posh gallery.

Yep, I felt a bit special, peering at the clothing through the window; thereby allowing me to bring my own personal viewpoint and consciousness towards what the exhibit was imparting to its viewers and why it was conceived.

And, what did I discover? Well, the architectually significant buildings usually possess good bones, and I've realized that even clothing can also have the same strong sightlines as well...the simpler the fabric and style, the better.

There's a purity and beauty with simply hanging a classic piece of clothing on a wall and...just...looking.

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